Steady growth, Decentralized roots

A Based UNIT of CurrencyIntroducing Flat Money (UNIT) — decentralized money designed to outpace inflation and dampen crypto volatility.Participate in Flat Money’s delta-neutral marketplace built on Base as a Flat Money (UNIT) holder or as a Leverage Trader.

Flat Money Early Depositor Vault

APY: 158-188%

Commit USDC to earn Flat Money (UNIT) yield ahead of the Flat Money launch on Base mainnet

Flat Money (UNIT) Market

Deposit rETH, mint UNIT, and earn sustainable yield

Zero Offchain Risks

UNIT is onchain money completely untethered from legacy finance

Flat Money Position Value

$32,848.8810,000 UNIT



Sustainable Yield

Earn trading, liquidation, and borrow rate fees in addition to rETH’s staking yield

Native Liquidity

100% capital efficiency is achieved with Flat Money’s dual-market approach since Flat Money holders deposit rETH to mint UNIT, and rETH is held in the protocol’s liquidity pool, which is shared with the Perpetual Futures Market
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How it Works

Flat Money (UNIT) Market

Deposit rETH into the Flatcoin Market and mint UNIT. The rETH deposits flow into the liquidity pool within the Flat Money protocol.

rETH Liquidity Pool

When you deposit rETH in either market, it flows into the rETH liquidity pool, which hold the rETH that backs UNIT and provides Leverage Traders with liquidity to create open leverage positions. Over time, fees accrue in this pool, which increases the value of UNIT.

Perpetual Futures Market

Deposit rETH as margin, select the desired leverage for your position, and borrow rETH from the liquidity pool. When you open a position, you'll receive an NFT (ERC-721) that represents your active leverage position.

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Audits & Security

The future of onchain money needs to be built on a secure foundation. That’s why Flat Money works with industry-leading auditors and security experts to protect the protocol.

Join the Community

Learn about Flat Money, chat with UNIT LPs and Leverage Traders, and help build the future of onchain money.